We have excellent male and female therapists available.

 Massage helps relax the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It can also benefit organs, as they share neurological pain pathways with muscles, nerves and bones. 

  1. Deep Tissue
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    During a deep tissue massage we focus on areas of tension and pain in the body. We use slower movements and apply deeper pressure. Deep tissue massage can relief muscle soreness, it can help relieve back pain, relax tight muscles and stretch tight fascia.
  2. Swedish
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    We use different stroke techniques to relax the muscles through light pressure. It helps lower stress levels, stimulate and soothe the nervous system while increasing well-being.
  3. Sports Massage
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    A sports massage is specific to the athlete's sport of choice. We will work on the areas that are being stressed. This will assist in reducing swelling of the joints, tight muscles, scar tissue, and inflammation. Sports massage is recommended before, during and after events. It helps relax muscles, allows flexibility and calms the nervous system before a race, tournament or a workout. Sports massage supports muscle recovery as well.
  4. Couples & Group Massage
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    Enjoy a massage of your choice side by side with your loved one or friend. We bring the massage to you or you can visit our location.
  5. Lomi Lomi
    Lomi Lomi
    Aloha (love for self and others) is infused with long, continuous, rhythmic strokes. Relieves stress and tension while improving the flow of blood and lymph fluid in the body. It's generally a light to medium pressure.
  6. Neuromuscular Therapy
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    Neuromuscular therapy is also know as trigger point myotherapy. Trigger points are areas of hypersensitivity that feel like "knots" in the muscle when pressed, affecting the local area as well as other specific parts of the body. Trigger points can limit range of motion due to pain. Everyone, including people suffering from back pain, sciatica like symptoms, hip pain and headaches can benefit from this therapy.